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NBP Photoshop Plugins Collection (Win Mac)

For the professionals, this plugin provides the best solution for accurately extracting objects of interest and channels such as the R, G, and B channels can be used as luminosity masks. The plugin supports the color extraction of the luminosity masks and also generates masks in RGB, Gray, and Hue. The plugin even provides the ability to set the location parameters to extract the objects of interest. The process of extraction is carried out in a straight forward manner. To further improve the application, users can easily change the thresholds for different channels. You can also re-sample the frequency separation mask and the calibrated gamma With luminosity masks, you can easily customize different luminosity channels. It offers 10 different luminosity levels for the luminosity masks. The application also offers the capability to export masks to Image Sequence, 32/64 bit PSD, PNG, TIFF, and SVG, which can be imported into other applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

NBP Photoshop Plugins Collection (Win Mac)


Meanwhile, you dont want to start your workflow with a clunky, slow, and sometimes challenging process like frequency separation, you want something that works the first time without a hassle. When you come across more problems than great results, this is something youre familiar with. So in short, you want a solution to your problems without the have to get in the trenches and hack at things yourself. NBP Photoshop Plugins Collection let's you get on with your normal retouching workflow in a much faster and much more efficient way. Its a fully feature plug-in that automatically uses frequency separation to separate skin tones from everything else in your picture. Frequency separation is the oldest retouching method known to man, and was used before most modern retouching methods.


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