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Hunter Douglas Where To Buy

We had Hunter Douglas roller shades installed in our entire apartment four years ago. They have been working well, except for one, where an end pin broke and the entire roller came down (and badly scratched a cabinet underneath). The reason I'm writing is the unsatisfactory customer support. After describing the part in detail twice and submitting photos, it took the HD several days to tell me in the end that (i) HD couldn't help me; (ii) they didn't have the part anymore; (iii) I should contact a repair service. I also went to an authorized dealer in NYC who wasn't able to help me either. Finally, I found who sent me the part ($4) within 3 days (thank you fixmyblinds!). As grateful as I am for fixmyblinds, there wouldn't be a need for such third-party services if a high-end brand like HD would be taking better care of their customers once the sale is done. And good customer service is NOT adding me to the distribution list of HD promo emails without asking, as happened here as a result of contacting them. Not impressed.

hunter douglas where to buy

Hunter douglas's warranty is Lifetime Limited Warranty. A sales person should have explained to you what is covered and what is not covered under warranty. Hunter Douglas has not changed their warranty. Some products like the motorization are a 5 year warranty and operational cords are a 7 year warranty. Shipping charges and installation are not covered, although H.D. has been covering a big part of the shipping, something they do not have to do. No where on their warranty does it say "End of Life". Unfortunately many sales people do not understand the warranty. H.D. support does a great job at helping you find a dealer to help you if you can not go back to where you purchased the products from. Go to to find the warranty.

Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb shades combine soft, seamless fabrics with crisp even pleats that hold their shape indefinitely. The Duette Originals Collection provides you with a choice of single, double or triple honeycomb shades and a wide variety of options. Choose the Duolite option with two fabrics on one shade. Perfect for bedrooms or other areas where both privacy and natural light are desired.

There are many places in the Indianapolis area to buy blinds, shades, and sheers. You can go anywhere to find these types of window coverings, but we recommend the experience of buying from a Hunter Douglas Centurion Gallery. Drapery Street is proud to be one of these galleries, offering the very best in products, pricing, and expertise to our clients.

The battery wand is designed to work with most of the company's shade styles, and it can be retrofitted for existing Hunter Douglas smart shade setups, too. To use it, you just slide it into the magnetic dock behind the top of the shade, where the batteries usually go. When the battery runs out, two wands at once can be fully recharged in a dock accessory within a few hours. 041b061a72


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