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Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Pdf Free

This research is a descriptive and exploratory study, were conducting quantitative research and the number of respondents is 60. This research was a developed through the modified Borg-Gall method, the method consists of five steps of: (1) literature review, (2) planning, (3) designing, (4) validation and (5) testing media. Data analysis used by an inter variable analysis correlation test using Spearman Rank correlation. The results of this research shows that there is significant difference in conceptual understanding at the end of the semester between a student who have been through a traditional classroom and a student who have been through a flipped classroom, (0.00, sig. p) and no significant difference in the conceptual understanding in the beginning of the semester of a student who has been through a traditional classroom and a student who has been through a flipped classroom. The media developed has an average of conceptual understanding of 73, while media developed by Dornell reports an average of 57.

pengembangan media pembelajaran pdf free

Abstact: The purpose of the research was to develop a media appropriate for the learning of English language which is using the strategies of application of media (apps) for effective communication. Further, this research aims to measure the impact of media development on English language learning of students in English Language Pre-School Education in district Palembang. To achieve this purpose, the research has a qualitative approach, the data collection used is semi-structured interview, while the process of data collection is the respondents perception of the understanding of a media to be used for learning, the media the respondents were used. Data analysis was used with the analysis of data with the use of content analysis. The result of the research shows that the media development produces a positive impact on learning English. The media development must be customized and tailored for the students. This is because the implementation of media should be accompanied with teaching, learning and learning activities.


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