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[S6E8] Last Word

Hi Friends. The L Word Made Me Gay is going on an indefinite hiatus. Thank you so much for listening for the last two years, we love you so much! Please enjoy our finale episode, recorded at The Dinah in Palm Springs, California. Sarah G & EOB got to interview the queen herself, the founder of The Dinah, Mariah Hanson. Shout out to Michelle for making it all happen! We also talk to some fellow Dinah L Word pool party goers, our friend Celia, and so much more! Please excuse the audio quality, the bass from the pool party was getting crazy loud as we went on. It was the pool party calling us outside... Thanks again for listening, love you all! We are gonna go get tacos, STAY GAY!!!

[S6E8] Last Word

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All rise for the honorable Sarah G and EOB's Gay State of the Union of The United States of AmeriGAY. Today we are talking about the State of the Union from President CheetoFace WannaBe Dictator, the state of queer media (more specifically gay ladies, sorry we say that Sarah Paulson is a lesbian because she is bisexual), and the state of the L word reboot as we know it so far. STAY GAY AMERICA!

Hey pals! This week was crazy fun! We had The L Word Trivia night at Big Chicks and it was a blast. We all got news that Showtime officially ordered an 8 episode reboot of The L Word (hopefully to premiere in 2019). Today we are talking about one of our favorite women from the L Word, Helena Peabody AKA Rachel Shelley. So many memories, especially ones about Dylan. STAY GAY!

Helloooo! Today is a very special treat: a fan edit from our friend Shawnee AKA @ScarySiouxsie. They whipped up this hilarious supercut of funny moments from our episodes about Season 4 of the L word! We are so grateful for such a wonderful gift. We love you Shawnee!You will be in tears by the end of this one because EOB and Sarah G are pretty damn funny gals and Shawnee's editing make for a hysterical ep we won't soon forget. STAY GAY!

You're looking very SHANE today friends... Sarah G & EOB are back again to talk about our fav show, the L word. Today we are talking all everything SHANE, her many lovers, our favs, Carmen, Cherie, Paige, Molly, Jenny (ew), Shane's Jeep, her jobs, her hair, and so much more! STAY GAY!

Oh man, friends...we are almost done with recapping OG the L word. Sarah G & EOB are working our way (slowly) through the final season of our fav Showtime show and today we recap Season 6, Episode 5 "Litmus Test." Alice finds out Jenny sold her treatment (based on Alice's life) for a half million bucks and takes her turn threatening Jenny's life, Alice & Tasha has a third wheel crush on Jaime, B & T are working from the Planet while their house is under construction, the gang comes up with a silly plan to test Dylan and see if she is still a piece of shit or not, Bette and Tina eat dinner with Kelly see Tina's boss and she realizes she is getting fired so she goes off on them, Shane is feeling super trapped and suffocated by Jenny, Dylan and Helena reunite, and MORE!

At the apartment, Mike and his men find Jimmy bound and gagged, with Lalo long gone. Simultaneously, Gus arrives at the laundry too late; Lalo gets the drop on the men he brought with him and holds Gus at gunpoint. Lalo takes out his camcorder and records his proof for Eladio, coercing Gus into taking him into the unfinished lab. Once down there, Lalo gives Gus a chance for some last words. Gus gives an angry speech denouncing Eladio and the Salamancas. He then kicks out a switch (turning the lights off), retrieves his stashed gun in the confusion, and blindly empties it at Lalo, shooting him in the neck. As he bleeds out, Lalo gives one last laugh, and dies with a smile on his face. Gus collapses, revealing that he was hit in the stomach during the shootout.

As the sun rises, Kim reunites with Jimmy at their apartment, and Mike reassures them that Lalo is not coming back. His men begin the process of hiding Howard's body. His car will be driven to the coast, where they will stage his death as a drug-induced suicide. Mike tells them to call the police the moment Howard's car is found, and to tell them that he was at their house last night for hours, completely incoherent and clearly intoxicated. He adds, with some disgust, that that's the same lie they've been telling. In the meantime, Jimmy and Kim need to go about their lives like nothing happened. Jimmy and Kim look on as Howard's body is loaded into their fridge.

The sex is fine. Craig never gets any shortage of sexy scenes. What started as an animalistic release of pent-up emotions as Renn mounted him like a stallion became akin to lovemaking as she used her body to express things she didn't have the words to say.

The show may have dashed fans' hopes of a popular theory happening. Referred to as "Cleganebowl," the theory basically says that "The Hound" will lock swords with his brother, Gregor Clegane, aka "The Mountain" (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson), in a trial by combat revolving around Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey).

The last time viewers saw Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) was during season three. If you'll remember, he was sent to hunt down Sandor Clegane by order of Ned Stark for crimes committed against the people of the Riverlands in season one. During season three, he had captured Arya and Gendry. Later, he sells Gendry to Melisandre (Carice van Houten), earning himself a place on Arya's kill list.

Season 6, Episode 8 of This Is Us, which aired on Tuesday, March 15, was an emotional one. It was a deep-dive into Kevin's (Justin Hartley) life, specifically his evolution into fatherhood and his relationship with Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison). Full disclosure: We use the word relationship loosely. There's no confirmation that these two end up together in the end, but their bond certainly deepened after this new episode. There's no denying that.

In the astrometrics lab, Chakotay and Paris review the NASA historical record of the Ares IV mission and discuss how easy space exploration has become with the advances that were developed since then, such as warp drive, deflector shields and transporters. They listen to Lt. Kelly's last transmission before he and the module were swallowed by the ellipse, admiring his calm and dedication as he took readings even as he knew his life was about to end. Seven joins them and reluctantly informs them that she will be going with them. She has done the necessary shield modifications to the Delta Flyer. The two officers welcome her to

On reaching the core, Chakotay describes the environment to Captain Janeway and the bridge officers, who hang on his every word. It is as the eye of a hurricane: very calm, with none of the gravimetric distortions that exist around it. EM activity creates a natural luminescence, which Ensign Paris refers to as "mood lighting." There are asteroid fragments and vessel debris from every quadrant in the galaxy. There is even matter that appears to be extra-dimensional. Even Seven admits that she is intrigued.

Kelly sits in his seat, fully aware he is going to die. Oxygen is running low. He is weak and groggy. The cockpit is dark as power is almost exhausted. But he makes his final log entry, voicing absolutely no regret about what has happened. On the contrary, his words are just the opposite.

Seven, Chakotay and Paris listen to this last entry with emotion. Kelly states with conviction that what he has seen proves that space exploration is not a waste, that Humanity was right to try to explore space. He now knows that Humanity is not alone in the universe. His one regret, he finishes, is that he never found out who won the World Series. Seven's opinion has completely changed. She has been utterly moved, moved by Kelly's courage and determination, and his unflinching dedication, even as he waited for certain death. She listens as he logs his last act: taking the dwindling life support offline so that power can be routed to the imagers for as long as possible, to record whatever the Ares IV encounters after he dies. He makes a final request, to whoever finds the logs: that they be put to good use.

Thankfully, gentle readers, this is not the last episode of the last season. If it were, we would all be up in arms. Care to guess what the future holds for the Crawleys, Talbots, Pelhams, Carsons, and Bateses? And what of Moseley and Baxter, Isobel and Dickie, Beryl and Mr. Mason, and Daisy and Andy? Will love survive? AND WHAT OF TOM? Will love come his way again? 041b061a72


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