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Testament Of Youth

The setting is Derbyshire, where Brittain, her adored younger brother Edward (Egerton) and his Oxford friend Victor (Morgan), are swimming in a lake near the Brittain family home. Young, handsome, laughing and teasing, these individuals in the full blush of youth have no idea how fragile their world is, no notion that they are about to become a lost generation.

Testament of Youth

Brittain might not agree fully with this assessment of suffering, but through her testament she nonetheless urges us to make the most of our wisdom to shape a better experience for the youth of today.

In general, "testament" means something that serves as a sign or evidence of a specified fact, event, or quality. Some of its synonyms are testimony, witness, attestation, demonstration and tribute.Thus in the context of this autobiography, testimony is the appropriate meaning.The idea of era however, arises from the fact that the author is giving a testimony of youth from the viewpoint of a young person, a testament to the life of youths during a particular era - leading to and during World War 1. The youth from that era did not question or demand that the leaders justify their decisions such as embarking on world war. They eagerly signed up for the battlefield with no idea how their aspirations would be diverted, lives disrupted by the advent of this war, which ultimately robbed most of them of their lives. It is not a testimony of all youth but one of youth from a specific era, an era characterized by many restrictions on youth, especially young women. The author gives interpretations and experiences of an era to which she provides an eyewitness testimony or testament."Pledge" and "promise" are not the best fit for testament, based on their definitions.

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Just saw it and sobbed my heart out, I agree completely, it was so beautiful. I love Alicia and Kit. I feel like he reminded me of a young Colin firth in this which is really a testament of amazingness

Although she's reluctant to leave her hard-won place at Oxford, guilt-tripped Vera decides to do her part by becoming a volunteer nurse. After no-nonsense training by Irish nuns, she's off to the battlefields of France. That's where, in short order, her youthful exuberance, self-absorption and dreams of a scholarly life get shot down.

The amazing thing about the memoir is how modern Vera seems. The way she writes about the optimism of youth, thrill of work and the excitement of young love, could be the experiences of any woman in her early twenties. But as the story progresses and, one by one, the men she loves are killed, she sounds so much older than her years.

The high value Vera Brittain placed upon the art of music is evident from her many references to particular musical works throughout Testament of Youth. Her memory of events, both of the family life of her youth and of her experiences of the war, are often bound up with her experiences of music, and her recollection of particular works helps the reader gain important emotional detail concerning the scenes being described. 041b061a72


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